Dates and place

From 10 to 12 of june 2013 at Pôle Sciences of Université de Picardie Jules Verne, AMIENS:

Organizers : Florence LEVE (MIS) and Fabien DURAND (LAMFA)

Topics of the conference

These are the topics of the working group SDA2 of the GDR Informatique Mathématique, that is Dynamical Systems, Automata and Algorithms.

Dead lines

The dead line for the inscription and the submission of a talk is the  3rd june 2013.

(You should first register and then you could submit a talk)

Invited talks

Julien LEROY (Luxembourg U.) Factor complexity of S-adic sequences

Vincent DELECROIX (Univ. Paris11) Global complexity of S-adic systems

Shigeki AKIYAMA (Tsukuba U., Japan) Periodic orbits of discretized rotation

Charlene KALLE (Univ. De Utrecht, Netherland) Beta-expansions and multiple tilings

Anna FRID (Sobolev Institute, RussiaCounting words generated by intervals

Thierry DE LA RUE (Univ. Rouen) Questions around the Pascal-adic transformation

Jean-Paul DELAHAYE (Univ. Lille) Théorie algorithmique de l'information : à la recherche de mesures de complexité.

Nicolas OLLINGER (Univ. Orléans) Aperiodic tilings and substitutions


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